Audio Services

On-Location Recording

With over 25 years of expertise in sound engineering, we have built and managed three successful recording studios in New Jersey and New York. Our experience ranges from mastering audio recordings for artists across diverse genres, from classical to punk, showcasing our versatility and adaptability. We excel in capturing live performances by offering exceptional recording and mixing services. Additionally, we are equipped to handle multi-track recordings and provide professional mastering solutions for a wide range of musical productions. We pride ourselves on delivering superior quality results that reflect our commitment to excellence in the industry.


Mastering is a critical step in the audio production process, serving as the final polish for a song before it's ready for distribution. During mastering, an experienced engineer uses specialized tools to refine the overall sound quality, adjusting levels, equalization, and dynamics to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all elements of the track.

This process also involves preparing the song for different playback systems and formats, such as streaming services, vinyl, or CDs. By carefully calibrating the audio for various mediums, mastering helps to guarantee that the music will sound its best regardless of where or how it's being listened to.

Additionally, mastering can involve adding subtle enhancements to sharpen the clarity and impact of the music. This might include fine-tuning stereo imaging, controlling excessive frequencies, or applying subtle effects to enrich the listening experience without fundamentally altering the original mix.

Overall, mastering plays a crucial role in ensuring that a song reaches its fullest sonic potential and meets industry standards for commercial release. When you're ready to finalize your mixed tracks give us a shout.

Audio Restoration

The recent developments in audio restoration technologies have significantly improved the quality of sound reproduction. These advancements allow for the elimination of various types of unwanted noise, such as hissing, background noise, and the hum of electrical devices. Additionally, they enable the removal of clicks and pops from old vinyl records, contributing to a cleaner listening experience.

Furthermore, these technologies now provide the capability to reduce or eliminate natural room reverb or echo, resulting in speech that appears as if it were recorded in a professionally treated studio environment. Such enhancements have greatly benefited audio engineering and production processes by allowing for a more precise and refined sound quality. As a result, listeners are able to enjoy music and other audio content without being interrupted by distracting imperfections.

Overall, these advances in audio restoration have presented a remarkable leap forward in improving the clarity and fidelity of recorded sound across various mediums. This has ultimately enhanced the overall listening experience for audiophiles and casual consumers alike.

If you have any old recordings you would like restored let us know.
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Copyright © 2023 Nimble Dragon Studios. All rights reserved.