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Hiring An Unlicensed Drone Operator Will Cost You $11,000

According to the FAA, for a pilot who is unlicensed, the fine is $1,100 per occurrence/flight where imagery is used commercially. More importantly perhaps, the fine for the the real estate agent who hires an unlicensed pilot is $11,000. Of course, if you’re an agent who bought a drone and took the photos or video yourself, you will be liable for both fines.  The same goes for any commercial use of images or video taken by an unlicensed drone operator for a business.  In other words, if you publish images taken by an unlicensed drone operator on MLS you have also put proof of your actions online, waiting for an anonymous competitor to present your illegal images to the FAA.  Are you willing to take that risk?

Real Estate Cinematic Style Video Tour Example

This is a cinematic style video tour we put together that incorporates aerial cinematography and sound design.  Additional lighting was also used off-camera to properly show the interior of the home.  This style is best suited for luxury properties.

What sets Nimble Dragon Studios apart from other drone operators is our exemplary track record in producing award-winning work for both cinematography and photography.  Having a mastery of camera movement, composition and digital editing combined with technical ability and coordination to fly a drone results in visually superior footage.

We are also skilled at Cinematic First Person View (FPV) Aerial Videos.  The example below provides a high-energy visual tour of Walnut Mountain Park in Liberty, New York.  Cinematic FPV requires a much higher skill level of flying than regular drones because of how close a pilot needs to fly around and through obstacles.

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