About Us

Our Core Values


We believe in supporting the community who supports us so graciously.

Giving Back

We donate 5% of our profits to our Community Give Back Fund every month.


We encourage those who work for us to volunteer some of their time to worthy causes.


We work with talent who not only love what they do, but is passionate about their craft.


Applied knowledge is more powerful than knowledge alone. We never stop learning to improve our craft.


Innovation is key. We don’t like ordinary. We like to find ways to stand out so our clients stand out.

Our Fearless Leaders

This philosophy of intentional design has become his guiding principle for all his creative pursuits, whether it be graphic design, photography or filmmaking. It's not just about creating something visually appealing, but also infusing it with meaning and purpose.

Nuby DeLeon

CEO Creative Director

Nuby's artistic journey has been significantly shaped by his strong foundation in visual arts and music. His talent was nurtured through years of training in various art schools where he learned color theory, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Additionally, his family played a crucial role in developing his musical abilities. He hails from a family with a rich musical tradition started by his grandfather, Felipe Padilla de Leon, a celebrated National Artist of the Philippines. In their family culture, it was mandatory for every child to become proficient in at least one instrument. As such, Nuby is skilled in playing the violin, piano, guitar, bass and bandurria - the Philippine equivalent of the mandolin. This unique combination of art and music education has greatly moulded Nuby's artistic path.

Having both a grandfather and a father who became famous composers, Nuby followed in their footsteps and became a composer too.  A few of his original compositions are featured in a series of meditation CDs that have been translated into over 20 languages and continues to be heard globally to this day, decades later.

He also started dabbling in photography during his high school years which laid a strong foundation for his future endeavors as a professional photographer.  His professional journey further evolved as he became a master of light, an essential aspect of photography, through direct mentorship from some of the leading fashion photographers in New York City. This unique combination of experiences honed his artistic vision and technical expertise as a professional photographer.  Nuby won numerous photography awards from both regional and international print competitions.  He also mentored hundreds of photographers through an on-location fashion portfolio building group he founded in 2010 called, Hudson Valley Click.

Fresh out of architecture school, Nuby embarked on an unconventional path by opening a recording studio in Paramus, New Jersey. Over the next ten years, he honed his skills as a sound engineer, coupling this with his innate passion for design by creating cd package designs, posters and websites for his music clients. Currently, with over 25 years of experience under his belt, Nuby has become an accomplished sound engineer, graphic designer and art director.

After closing his recording studio, Nuby decided to utilize his education in architecture and used his skills to manage the art and production department of a prominent sign manufacturing company in New York City for several years where he learned every aspect of the sign industry. This ranges from designing signs for large-scale buildings to creating detailed blueprints and templates necessary for manufacturing them.

The most significant lesson that Nuby acquired from attending the second highest-rated architecture school in the country is the importance of designing with a purpose, rather than simply focusing on aesthetics. This philosophy of intentional design has become his guiding principle for all his creative pursuits, whether it be graphic design, photography or filmmaking. It's not just about creating something visually appealing, but also infusing it with meaning and purpose.

Nuby's professional journey has always been marked by a relentless pursuit of new creative skills, achieved through complete immersion and intense focus. His enthusiasm for in-depth learning, for mastering every facet of a skill before moving on, is what he seeks in potential team members. Since setting up his first studio in the mid-90s, each skill Nuby has mastered has served as a stepping stone in his career. These experiences and skills combined have allowed him to become an extraordinarily versatile filmmaker.  Nuby’s unwavering determination to become an expert in every aspect of filmmaking earned him numerous industry awards, including several Telly Awards.

From his humble beginnings when he opened his first studio in the mid-90s, every skill Nuby has ever mastered has been a building block in his journey. These cumulative experiences and skills have eventually shaped him into an incredibly well-rounded filmmaker.

Throughout his career, Nuby has consistently taken on the challenge of acquiring new creative skills through total immersion and intense focus. This passion for learning by fully dedicating himself to learning every aspect of a skill until he has mastered it is what he looks for when bringing people in to be part of the Nimble Dragon team.

There is a big difference between loving to do something and being passionate about something. If you love something, you might take pleasure in doing it, yet it may not necessarily serve as your driving force. On the other hand, when passion for something takes hold of you, it integrates into your very essence much like how oxygen is integral to breathing. Living without that passionate pursuit becomes challenging. This is the type of dedication he seeks in team members. If your craft ignites a burning passion within you, the quest for knowledge and skill enhancement to achieve mastery never ceases.

Despite a busy career, Nuby still finds time to volunteer and help local organizations in the community.  He believes the only way to create change in the community is to be the change it needs.  He is a graduate of Leadership Sullivan Class of 2010, whose mission is to develop informed and committed leaders from all segments of the community who will apply their collective experience and skills to serve, strengthen and improve the quality of life for all people who live and work in Sullivan County, New York.

Outside of his professional life, Nuby enjoys spending time with his wife, teenage son and two dogs.  He believes that dedicating part of every weekend to spend time with family is crucial  for maintaining a well-balanced, harmonious life.

Jeffrey Castro

Vice President Cinematographer

Jeff is a graphic designer, photographer and an award-winning cinematographer.  With a degree in graphic design he initially came on board as a graphic designer. The studio's policy of encouraging creativity and exploration was instrumental in his growth. With unrestricted access to the studio's resources and educational library, Jeff discovered his true calling - filmmaking. He quickly mastered cinematography and within a mere month of immersing himself in this new world, he became an indispensable member of the production crew. On his first official job as part of the crew he was honored with a Silver Telly Award for cinematography, marking the beginning of many such industry honors. The industry awards he earns year after year are proof of his unwavering dedication to honing his skills.

In addition, Jeff has extensive experience in the construction industry making him an invaluable resource when it comes to rigging gear, set design and sign installations.

Jeff not only proficient in effective graphic design but also aligns well with the company's distinct design methodology, which involves understanding brain functions and social psychology. He utilizes the design skills he gained during his college years to enhance the outcomes of the design projects he undertakes.

Jeff has been a vital component of the team's operations since he initially joined, gaining comprehensive knowledge of the company’s production process and systems. In 2018, his role at Nimble Dragon Studios expanded when he assumed co-ownership and the position of vice president.  Having in-depth knowledge of graphic design, cinematography, photography, digital imaging, cross-platform systems, and construction makes Jeff a truly “nimble dragon."

Jeff skillfully balances his responsibilities at work, home, and in the community.  He cherishes the moments he spends with his wife and their three little girls. His commitment to service is evident in his roles as a volunteer firefighter and water rescue team member at Kauneonga Lake Fire Department. When he isn't occupied with these duties, Jeff dedicates himself to fundraising for Arthrogyposis Awareness, the Allyson Whitney Foundation, and several local community initiatives.

Every core value that Nimble Dragon Studios stands for - community involvement, charitable giving, volunteer work, zeal, insight and innovation - is embodied in Jeff.  His relentless pursuit of excellence in every skill he tackles makes him the ideal figure to inspire, lead and drive the Nimble Dragon team.


One of our core values is supporting the community in which we do business. We always look for ways to support local organizations through volunteering, offering discounted services and provide help raising money.
Community Give Back Program

We have created the ND Studios Community Give Back Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) account managed by the Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan. This fund allows us to focus on utilizing our media expertise for the purpose of raising money to help local organizations and create scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in arts & media. In addition to sponsoring fundraising events we donate 5% of our profits to grow the Give Back Fund so that we may offer help to more organizations and students in need.

Our Awards

We enter our work to be judged for awards each year as a standard of excellence
for our crew to strive for because great videos get great results.

Gold Telly Award

The Gold Telly Award was introduced in 2018 to honor the best of the best video production companies in the world. Prior to the Gold Telly, the highest award given was a Silver Telly, which required an average score of 9 out of 10. The Gold Telly is significantly more difficult to achieve which requires an average score of 9.7 out of 10. We are so proud to be one of the fewer than 1% of all entries worldwide to be award one of the first ever Gold Telly Awards.

Silver Telly Award

The Silver Telly Award is given to less than 10% of entries worldwide. Entries are scrutinized by the Silver Council, a panel of over 200 judges who have previously achieved the Telly Awards highest honor. We are so proud to receive our first Silver Telly within the first year of offering video production services. Having achieved this goal gave us confirmation we were on the right track of only hiring people who are passionate about their craft.

Bronze Telly Award

The Bronze Telly Award is given to approximately 25% of entries worldwide. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments all over the world. We are honored to have several of our projects awarded a Bronze Telly. We expect our crew to produce this level of excellence at the very least because a well-crafted video creates a better impression.

Gold Nyx Video Award

NYX Awards is the leading international awards program that recognizes, celebrates, honors excellence in marketing, communication, and creativity across all facets of industries and mediums, to advocate valuable and significant projects.

Platinum Hermes Creative Award

This is the highest honor given by Hermes Creative Awards. The award is a symbol of the ancient Greek messenger, Hermes, who is the Olympian god of orators and wit, of literature and poets, and invention and commerce.

Gold Hermes Creative Award

Hermes Creative is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials, marketing and communication programs, and emerging technologies. We were honored with two Gold Hermes Creative Awards – one for video production and one for print design.

Gold Muse Creative Award

The MUSE Creative Awards is a prestigious international advertising awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation in the realms of creative design, advertising, and digital media. Bringing together artists, designers, and creative professionals from around the world, the award honors the extraordinary craft that shapes compelling narratives and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

Vega Digital Award

The Vega Digital Awards highlights the vital role of digital pioneers in an ever-changing digital landscape. The award recognizes and celebrates excellence in Websites, Video, Mobile, Social, Animation, Marketing, and Podcasts – across local and international. Vega celebrates the very best brought forth by the world’s digital architects and craftsmen.
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Copyright © 2023 Nimble Dragon Studios. All rights reserved.