Magical Faerie Experience

An immersive portrait experience like no other.  For this
session, we transform our studio into a magical forest full
of wonder.  We provide the costumes, wings, props and
the magic.

Magical Faerie Experience

Fine Art Faerie & Magical Warrior Portraits For All Ages


We never charge session fees.  We want our clients to purchase images based purely on our ability to produce quality work.  Purchase only the images you absolutely love.  Prints range from $15-$1900 and our clients typically spend between $300-$450.  A small refundable deposit toward your print purchase is required to book a session.


  • We have costumes available for newborns, children of all ages and adults.
  • We have one-of-a-kind, custom-made posing equipment to create the illusion of flight.
  • We have a variety of set pieces, backgrounds and props to enhance the session experience.


The whole point of hiring a professional photographer is to have images that will be cherished for generations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create images that capture emotion and tell a story.  If for any reason you are not absolutely in love with your images or print order we will reshoot your session or fix your print order at no extra cost.

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