Wedding Films

The Stolen Heart

This film was played before the bride and groom were introduced for the first time at the reception.  The film ends with the couple about to walk into the reception in real life.

A Surprise Wedding at The Sullivan

This was, by far, the craziest wedding film we’ve ever been a part of.  The groom hijacked the New Year’s Eve party to propose and got married 30 minutes later.

Blaine & Marcus – Same Day Edit

This film was shown right after dinner was served on the day of the wedding.  At the end of the video is one of our signature “matrix” sequences.  Getting every single guest to hold their pose at the same exact time was a real challenge but we pulled it off.

Jen & Gerry

We used a 12′ camera crane to achieve some of the shots in this film.  This also has our most favorite slow motion ring shots we have ever done.  It took 12 takes to get it right.





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